Open Archi is a social network for the management of enterprise architecture, using the concept of AMaaS - Architecture Model as a Service, including:

OpenArchi in a Nutshell



Api for open-archi model management

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Full desktop combining all tools

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A architecture social network on which the community is the who keeps it

CRUD of the entire exterprise architecture comes from the community (Wiki style)

Anyone inside the organization can "edit" or "create" content. Another can undo or alter this edition. With a continuos usage, the "real" information possible will be revealed, but not only about technological point of view. TOGAF model demands an interaction of all areas of the organization each on adding a part of the entire enterprise estrategy and goals. With Open-Archi you could relate a specific software class with the main objective the organization attemps to reach .

Open-Archi is present at all times

Every piece of information (not only technological) can be archieved independently of a specific project. Each of those pieces could, in the future, feed the design of a specific solution. Information is fed automatically or manually, agnostically to a particular project or scenario. That is, with Open-Archi the enterise architecture evolves always.

Ease of integration

We have a layer of APIs so that anyone can manage the knowledge base of enterprise architecture components or integrate it into their pipelines (DevOps)


For the conception of Open-Archi I have been inspired by 5 formidable initiatives:

The amazing AWS architectures design tool Cloudcraft
The flexible abstraction of the C4Model for the design of architectures
The proposed interrelation of functional, non-functional, business and technical elements for the design of enterprise architectures present in the ArchiMate specification and the TOGAF framework
The capability of generating diagrams from text as a simple markdown-like script as it is done by Mermaidjs
The OrpheusDB system which is a relational database with GIT-style versioning capabilities OrpheusDB

The integration of these initiatives results in the conception of this social network that seeks to satisfy the need for all functional and technical areas and all business units to make available to the entire organization the information they handle in their area of competence, so the teams that design business solutions can find unified everything necessary for effective decision-making, regarding business architecture

Technical Specification

Feature Technology Site
REST Api layer Java Spark Framework
REST Documentation OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger)
REST API Layer Sandbox Swagger UI
Rules as a Service JBoss Drools
Open Archi Graphical Editor GoJS ®
Social Network (Core) Open Social
Social Network (Impl) Apache Rave
Knowledge base PostgreSQL
Persistence Hibernate JPA
Versioning Orpheus DB


Implementation of C4-Model DB
100% Complete
Sandbox per organization
2% Complete
Implementation of Archimate DB
35% Complete
API layer
90% Complete
Security on API layer
60% Complete
Architecture diagrams editor
80% Complete
Integration with Architect Solution Model
30% Complete
Connectors for automatic extraction
2% Complete
Artificial Intelligence based models
2% Complete
Use of Rules as a service for models validation
85% Complete
DevOps integration
2% Complete
Social Network
2% Complete
Open-Archi meta language (in the style of mermaidjs)
2% Complete
Versioning (Orpheus DB)
70% Complete

Detailed specification

Wanna see what's under the hood?. Of course, as you can imagine, there is more info about the whole solution. Click below if you want to know more

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